Four Things HVAC Companies Must Post on Various Social Media Site

These things can make or break the success of an HVAC company.

Let us all be honest, heat pumps, air conditioners, and indoor air quality don’t usually excite people. It is why HVAC contractors and entrepreneurs find it really challenging to urge a potential client to like their HVAC Company on various social media platforms. And I’m just telling you the real score.

It somehow resembles urging a person to like and follow their personal dentist or the company where they purchased their last bed from. These people and companies are there for your convenience, or when the need for their services arises, but it’s not like you can’t wait to find out what they are up to everyday by following them on social media.

But there’s still hope. You can still make your customers check and even like your company’s social media platforms. When you give them a memorable and quality experience only you were able to give them, you likewise give them a reason to come back.

Check out the following four things I suggest HVAC companies must post on their various social media sites:

• Fan-Only Reward–among the best feature your social media can offer your customer and entice them to keep on coming back is offering a fan-only reward. Inform them that they can avail of exclusive coupons they can see on their news feed if they start following you on Twitter and Facebook simply for being a fan.
Prepare something special each month like a coupon that you can give to your followers on social media to give them the feeling of belonging to an exclusive group.

• Real-Life Pictures–your industry is something most people are clueless of, so showing them snaps of interesting things your technicians encounter while on the job can capture their interest. At times, it can be before or after pictures of certain projects you’re working on that you can share on Facebook for instance.
It gives your followers an idea of the way and the quality of your work.Moreover, it can be pictures in the office. It can be a birthday celebration of an employee or a company-initiated meeting. Post these pictures to let your followers see what it is like in your company when you’re not out in the field or working in someone’s home.

• Links to your Various Blog Articles–if you’re not yet blogging right now, it’s time to give it a shot, or hire someone to do it for you. Having a blog is among the finest sources in social media. It can keep people talking about the many products and services you offer and a great traffic driver to your company’s website.
After posting new blogs, share it on social media so your followers can see it. Also, you can even post questions after so they can start a conversation thread online.

• Helpful Tips and Tricks–you can better engage your followers by sharing some handy do-it-yourself tricks and suggestions and establish yourself as an industry expert.
When you share valuable tips, it doesn’t mean they’ll no longer be your customers since they can now DIY stuff.You’re actually educating them to help them do some things on their own. If they encounter something they aren’t familiar with, that’s when they grab the phone and call you for help since you’re the professional whose been helping them all along.

Try doing the tips mentioned above and see if it will work for your HVAC Company. The world is constantly changing. If you want to stay at the top of your game, learn to innovate and embrace all the changes.

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